The Wine Family Computer Consulting Services offers a variety of cost effective computer services.  We specialize in helping to create a Web presence for small businesses or organizations that don't want to make a huge investment in informational services.  Rates are more closely tied to the amount of resources needed to support the site instead of the time the site is in existence.  Many other hosting services require a substantial monthly fee in order to just maintain a web-site even if no changes are needed.  We believe that you shouldn't be charged a lot to let computers do what they do well (store and process data).  Our fees are more closely tied to the amount of time spent on setting up and updating a web site instead of how long you plan on having the data available to the public.

Be sure to check out some of the sample web sites we design an manage.

In addition to only charging for actual resources needed, selecting the appropriate implementation for the type of content is a key element when we work with clients.  We believe that a solution should only be as complex as the web site needs dictate.  A full turnkey administration system is not needed for many clients and only adds expense to what may be a fairly simple deployment.  Sometimes a simple static HTML page system is the cheapest and most appropriate solution.  It may require periodic changes by a web designer and not an administrator, but will definitely be the most cost effective solution in the long run.

In addition to web based services, PC based data processing services are also available.  From simple word processing to more complex database systems, we are able to provide solutions for your business or personal needs.
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