Once the decision is made to create a web presence, there are many other decisions to be made about how this is going to be done.  The following is a basic list that will help in making the proper decisions:
  • A web server where the information will be stored (host) is needed.  This can be as simple as using the space given to you by an ISP (Internet Service Provider) to finding a full service hosting service that owns and manages the servers.
  • Pages with your desired content.  There are many software packages that assist in creating web pages from a simple one page design to a complete database driven system.  Some require more knowledge than others in order to produce efficient, attractive and manageable web content.  If this is not a good option, there are web design services like WFCcs that will help in the web content creation process.  With the many different web design services around, it is also best to research to find what is the best fit for you particular needs.
  • Web address.  When you want to direct your potential visitors to your web site, is important for them to easily be able to find your web site.  When you use space provided by your ISP, the web site will normally have an address that will contain the name of your ISP in it and can confuse your visitors if not be difficult to remember.  To help alleviate this problem, we would suggest obtaining a domain name that can be owned by you for the sole purpose of housing all of the web content you desire to publish.  When a domain name is obtained, the registrar service handling the domain name allows you to associate this domain name with most hosting services as well as mapping to ISP provided space.  This gives you the flexibility of changing your hosting method without changing your web address.  Obtaining your own domain name also allows for the creation of personalized email addressing that makes it easier for people to contact you.
  • Publishing and maintaining the web content.  Once the pages have been created, the hosting space selected and the addressing method is chosen, it is time to publish and ultimately maintain the web content.  This take a commitment of time and skilled resource if you choose to do all the work yourself.  This is where consulting services such as WFCcs come in to play.
As you can see there are several basic things that need to be considered for creating a web presence.  We provide any or all of the above services to allow you to choose how much involvement you want in making your web presence a reality.  We use a Linux based hosting service (www.webhostingbuzz.com) to manage all of our clients web content.  We are able to make domain name suggestions and purchase/maintain an active status of any domain names that may be appropriate for your needs.  We are able to create and/or maintain any web content as well as perform email service management.

If you have any specific questions about our services or want to get started creating a web presence and we can help, see our Contact Us page.

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