Web Design Approach - With the many different options for developing web sites available, there are many times in which the choice made is based on what is the current trend instead of what is most appropriate for the content at hand. At WFCcs we evaluate the need of the client to determine what is the most appropriate use of technology to implement the desired web presence.  For a first time web presence, the simple approach allows for a more affordable option until it is determined that more resources can be committed.

Client Variety - Even though is seems to be almost a must for a successful businesses to have a web presence, it is becoming as important for most non-profit organizations to have a web presence as well.  If a business or organization has a large amount of money available, there are many available options to establish a web presence.  When a more financial friendly option is needed, the options are limited.  Our desire is to provide options for clients that may have a more limited amount of resources to dedicate to making a web presence a reality.

Graphics Design - Proper graphics content can go a long way to making a website more appealing and easy to use.  This all must be done without causing the web site to perform poorly.  If a website is to graphic intensive, a visitor may choose not to return because it takes too long to load and process.  Broadband internet service has greatly helped in the matter, but there still needs to be a concerted effort to ensure that a website contains the proper balance of graphics and text.  This is a standard goal for all our customers.  If graphics do not exist that are appropriate to use for a website, we will design custom graphics to suit the purpose of the website.
Full or Partial Management - Once the web design work is done, clients have the option of either maintaining the content themselves or allow us to perform maintenance operations.  See the Site Management section for more details.

Security - With the ever increasing danger of information theft, we make a point to ensure that any volatile information is protected as much as possible.  We strife to inform our clients of the risks that may be present based on the content they choose to publish.  When needed, authentication and encryption is used to add protection for sensitive information.

Technology - To provide the best value to our clients, we adopt the use of Open Source technologies when at all possible.  The servers used are Linux based and use other open source applications to provide scripting and database support.


The breadclass.com web site is designed to support the Knead to Know Bread and Cooking Classes offered by Lori Viets. It includes information about class offerings and provides a shopping cart to purchase cooking appliances and supplies. It also includes a video library that is slated to expand as Lori expands her business.
WFCcs has taken the Kevin Jones Performing Arts studio web site and applied uniform formatting using templates via Frontpage, drastically reducing the cost of updating and maintaining the site.

WFCcs has also acquired the responsibility of maintaining  the Opening Doors Foundation web site.

Simple multiple page web site that created a web presence for a rising comedian in the Roanoke Virginia area.

Web site designed to give potential clients a good perspective of work ethics and the quality of workmanship.  Simple clean access to information including gallery of projects.

Other Sites Designed and/or Maintained by WFCcs

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